To master the risks in a country, such as the contemporary COVID limitations (like for access), adhere to FCDO Travel pointers

To master the risks in a country, such as the contemporary COVID limitations (like for access), adhere to FCDO Travel pointers

Vital COVID-19: travel differs from the others

To perfect the potential risks in a place, for example the latest COVID rules (contains for entrance), heed FCDO adventure tips and advice.

To stop unique COVID alternatives from going into the UK, you should not go reddish listing countries.

Scan what you should do to drive in foreign countries and return to The uk, or read trip advice for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


UAE rules and custom are not similar to those invoved with the UK. Be familiar with the actions to ensure that these people dona€™t offend, particularly throughout holy week of Ramadan or you desire to check out religious cities. There exists big punishment for doing something that could not illegal in great britan. You’re clearly told to familiarise your self with, and admire hometown regulations and traditions.

In 2022, the holy month of Ramadan is predicted to begin with on 3 April and complete on 2 May. View Travelling during Ramadan

Look for more about located in the UAE here.

Importing items

Importing chicken services pornography into the UAE is prohibited. Movies, e-books, and catalogs could be dependent upon examination and may also end up being censored.


There is certainly zero tolerance for drugs-related offences. The penalties for trafficking, smuggling and possession of drugs (even residual amount) are critical. Lines for treatment trafficking can include the loss fee and possession of including the smallest number of unlawful medications may result in a minimum of 4-year jail word. The Emirati regulators rely the clear presence of tablets during the blood stream as possession. Some alternative heights, like spruce, is prohibited from inside the UAE.

Many of us stop-off in UAE airports within their way to other destinations. UAE airports have superb engineering and safeguards, so transiting passengers keeping also recurring levels of medications might imprisoned.

Some cosmetic products and electronic cigarettes refills could have substances that are actually unlawful into the UAE instance CBD oil. If present in possession of these merchandise, will have them seized and you will deal with illegal expenses. A directory of narcotic, psychotropic and managed drugs in which this tip enforce, allowed amounts and documentation to present are available to the UAE Ministry of Health website


Non-Muslim residents may get a liquor licence for liquor from home plus licensed spots. These licences become legitimate simply during the Emirate that distributed the license. Owners should come a permit having the capacity to drink in licensed spots. Liquor licences are not required in Abu Dhabi for customers to order alcoholic drinks private ingestion.

In Dubai, tourists can acquire a short-term liquor licence during four weeks from the two established liquor suppliers in Dubai. Visitors is furnished with a code of behavior paper which explains need to ensure these people discover foibles with regards to purchasing, transporting and ingesting liquor in Dubai. This license is merely for use in the Emirate exactly where it is actually given.

Liquor permits aren’t offered to non-residents during the different Emirates, however it’s easy for holiday-makers and visitors to invest in and consume alcohol in certified venues, like resort hotels, dining and organizations. But you should know that it must be a punishable offence under UAE rule for or be intoxicated by alcoholic drinks in public places. Brit nationals were caught and energized under this rule, commonly in instances where they have got visit the attention for the cops for a related offense, such as for instance disorderly or bad behaviour.

Usually, the legitimate era for drinking alcohol was 18 in Abu Dhabi, but a Ministry of tourist by-law prevents motels from providing drinks to the individuals under the period of 21. In Dubai as well as additional emirates besides Sharjah, the taking age try 21. Drinking alcohol in Sharjah try prohibited.

Guests in transportation by the UAE intoxicated by booze can also be detained.

Gown laws

Female should gown reasonably when in open spots like shopping malls. Garments should include the utmost for the legs and arms, and underclothes really should not be visible. Diving outfits need worn only on shoreline or at swimming pools.

Cross-dressing happens to be illegal.

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