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Hotboy and Icegirl will need your help while they try to figure out how to pass over lakes by freezing them with lasers or get around pools filled with bubbling molten lava. These two heroes Lava Boy and Icegirl love a good adventure and they’re hoping that you do as well. Pandra radio app free is available for everyone. Using this app you will be really satisfied. There are musical instruments included in the game.

Motion Fart is of the best prank apps on Android. The list is never complete without this one. Everyone loves to play a prank on others, and this one tops the charts. Voice Changer PrankThis App allows you to record and share audio messages in 10 different voices.

S Best Call Spoofing App For Pcs And Mobile Phones:

Not only will this app allow you to change your voice, but you can also record your altered voice for playback later. Perfect for when your friends are not expecting it. Prank Calling app- There are numerous apps that can be used to generate fake calls. Say you are stuck in a situation from where you need to get out, what can click the following post you do? If you have a prank calling app on your phone you will be able to get calls from different numbers which you will be able to receive those calls. Some of the apps have different scenarios listed as options from where you can choose different scenarios.

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  • And in the interim, I would borderline refuse to work with those people.
  • And someone there must be able to fire these two, and I can’t believe that they wouldn’t if they heard the full story.
  • Here is the video of our latest pranks for kids we did this year.
  • Talk with him when you run into each other, and find reasons to talk more often.

One of the best feature of this app is to auto fill numbers from your contacts. It allows you to select any of your favorite ringtone, record voice, and also schedule fake call. JokesPhone is another prank call apps for android and iOS users allows you to prank with your friends and family. You can give yourself a fake caller id using this app. It is free and easy to use app, you don’t have to pay any free for use this app. The best feature of this app is to add real time effects while you are on call.

10 Best Prank Apps: Crack And Break It!

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