In order to comprehend the potential health risks in a place, along with the most recent COVID constraints (most notably for entry), accompany FCDO traveling guidance

In order to comprehend the potential health risks in a place, along with the most recent COVID constraints (most notably for entry), accompany FCDO traveling guidance

Important COVID-19: tour is special

To master the risks in a country, along with the most current COVID rules (including for entrance), adhere to FCDO journey assistance.

To avoid brand new COVID variants from entering the UK, you shouldn’t travel to red-colored identify nations.

Inspect things to do to journey out of the country and go back to The united kingdomt, or browse traveling advice for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


UAE rules and practices are particularly not like those who work in the UK. Take into account your very own activities to make sure that these people dona€™t upset, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan or you intend to check out religious destinations. There could be dangerous penalties for doing things which may never be prohibited throughout the uk. You’re strongly informed to familiarise on your own with, and trust hometown regulations and lifestyle.

In 2022, the holy week of Ramadan is expected to start out with on 3 April and finish off on 2 might. Read Travelling during Ramadan

Look meaningful hyperlink for more info on residing the UAE here.

Importing merchandise

Importing pork products and sexually graphic inside UAE is definitely prohibited. Videos, magazines, and mags might based on examination that will end up being censored.


There exists zero threshold for drugs-related offences. The punishment for trafficking, smuggling and control of medication (actually residual amounts) include serious. Phrases for medication trafficking may include the death penalty and ownership of including the slightest number of unlawful tablets can lead to the very least 4-year prison sentence. The Emirati bodies count the existence of medication inside the bloodstream as ownership. Some natural highs, like spruce, happen to be prohibited when you look at the UAE.

A lot of people stop off in UAE flight terminals on their way to some other sites. UAE flight terminals posses great technologies and safety, extremely transiting individuals keeping actually recurring amounts of treatments may be detained.

Some cosmetic products and e-cig refills may contain substances that include prohibited from inside the UAE including CBD oil. If present control of such items, they’ll be seized and you will probably face violent fees. A directory of narcotic, psychotropic and managed medication where this principle is applicable, allowed volumes and reports to present can be obtained on the UAE Ministry of overall health website


Non-Muslim customers may get an alcohol permit for beer in the home in addition to licensed venues. These licences is valid merely into the Emirate that distributed the permit. Residents also need to obtain a permit to be able to take in in professional places. Liquor permits aren’t required in Abu Dhabi for inhabitants to purchase beer private consumption.

In Dubai, tourists can receive a temporary liquor permit during per month from two established alcohol vendors in Dubai. Holiday-makers are going to be given a laws of make report which explains requested to confirm they comprehend regulations and rules concerning buying, carrying and eating alcohol in Dubai. This license is only to be used for the Emirate in which it is distributed.

Liquor permits may not be open to non-residents in the other Emirates, but it’s possible for visitors and visitors to purchase and consume alcohol in licensed locations, for example vacation rentals, dining and clubs. But you ought to know that it can be a punishable offense under UAE law for or be intoxicated by liquor in public places. British nationals have already been arrested and recharged under this regulation, commonly in instances where they’ve choose the eye regarding the police for a related offense, like disorderly or bad practices.

In general, the legal period for alcohol consumption is actually 18 in Abu Dhabi, but a Ministry of travel by-law avoids accommodations from offering alcoholic beverages to the individuals within the age 21. In Dubai and all other emirates besides Sharjah, the consuming generation was 21. Having a drink in Sharjah was illegal.

Passengers in transit through the UAE consuming alcohol are often caught.

Costume laws

People should dress modestly when in community places like mall. Outfit should protect the utmost from the legs and arms, and panties should not be apparent. Swimming clothes is used only on shorelines or at swimming pools.

Cross-dressing happens to be unlawful.

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