7 Free Business Continuity Plan Templates

Be Ready For Anything With This Business Continuity Plan Template

You’ve put in the groundwork and now it’s time to start planning. Your plan needs to be in-depth and comprehensive to offer maximum impact.

The Plan identifies the critical functions of MIT and the resources required to support them. Planning for the business continuity of MIT in the aftermath of a disaster is a complex task. This document records the Plan that outlines and coordinates these efforts, reflecting the analyses by representatives from these organizations and by the MIT Information Security Officer, Gerald I. Isaacson. Outlines all the relevant procedures to restore business operations after an incident or crisis. A good recovery strategy includes a realistic recovery timeline and essential emergency resources.

Certain disasters can be prevented, while others rarely give warning and come regardless of how organized a business might be. All organizations are at risk of facing potential incidents if unprepared. A business continuity plan is a tool that allows organizations to not only mitigate risk, but also continuously deliver products and services despite disruption. A significant amount of effort goes into the initial creation of a business continuity plan. Once created, it is important for businesses to not abandon it when other, more critical action items also need attention. Technology is continually evolving, businesses can experience employee turnover, so when this happens recovery plans need to be updated and tested. What your company needs for a successful business continuity plan is good communication.

There are many departmental and laboratory systems as well as non-information processing systems that are also either essential for the Institute or the local area they support. Recovery for these systems too must be based upon an assessment of the impact of their loss and the cost of their recovery. See theDepartmental FARM Team Plandocument for further information on assessing risk at the departmental Be Ready For Anything With This Business Continuity Plan Template level. In the back-up phase , the initial hot site must support critical applications for up to __ weeks and as many Category II applications as resources and time permit. During this period, processing of these systems resumes, possibly in a degraded mode, up to the capacity of the hot site. Within this __-week period, the main data center will be returned to full operational status if possible.

Be Ready For Anything With This Business Continuity Plan Template

This allows the plan to receive a fresh perspective that might detect gaps of information that an experienced employee could have overlooked. A company must continually test a plan to know if it is complete and will fulfill its intended purpose. During the testing and simulation phase, make objectives measurable.

Be Ready For Anything With This Business Continuity Plan Template

Basically, everything that you performed in BCM will be documented in The Plan. Usually, there will be a first draft, since the succeeding steps involve testing the recovery plans and strategies, making adjustments and re-testing until such time that The Plan can be finalized. For every critical function, process, service, or product, there should be corresponding continuity bookkeeping responses, measures or plans. There is no limit to how many people should comprise the business continuity team or committee. A team could have only five people on board, or it could have as much as 20 or even 30 members. The number of people and the size of the team will largely depend on the nature of the business and the size and scale of its operations.

Part III of this document describes the Business Continuity Management Team and the responsibilities of each Institute Support Team in detail. The Plan is a document that reflects the changing environment and requirements of MIT. Therefore, the Plan requires the continued allocation of resources to maintain it and to keep it in a constant state of readiness.

  • These plans should include guidance on how to cope if employees are unable to work from the office – whether that’s because of a pandemic or a range of other threats, such as a fire, flood or gas leak.
  • The organizational backbone of business continuity planning at MIT is the Business Continuity Management Team.
  • Each section covered below includes a short description of the section, as well as a list of specific points to address.
  • Easily create a BCP that is pre-populated with necessary data and processes from 30+ years of BC expertise.
  • The business impact analysis typically takes place prior to the threat and risk analysis because it can serve as a starting point for a disaster recoverystrategy.

Preventing disruptions is an important component of all business continuity planning. While recovery protocols will always be necessary, businesses should attempt to mitigate risks as much as possible. Overall, the Plan should define key business functions and plans for continuation of revenue-generating activities, and possible reduction of expenses until business conditions return to normal.

Business Continuity Framework Template

A continuity plan covers any risks or threats that could disrupt your most important business what are retained earnings activities. This should be the most comprehensive section of your business continuity plan.

Be Ready For Anything With This Business Continuity Plan Template

Nevertheless, because of the potential impact to MIT, a plan for reducing the risk of damage from a disaster however unlikely is vital. It identifies high business impact operational areas, assets, and recovery strategies with assigned personnel. The Business Continuity Plan is a time invested in pre-planning for when disaster strikes. A well-documented plan communicates how businesses will respond during disruption to mitigate risks. Business Continuity Plan PowerPoint Templates will enable organizations to develop and showcase their survival through business continuity strategy. In this article, you’ll find the most useful free, downloadable business continuity plan templates, in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF formats.

Apart from the above natural disasters, others have a much higher probability of occurring. These can include cyberattacks, downtime due to power outages, data corruption, system failures, hardware faults, and other malicious threats to data security. After identifying all the potential threats, they should be thoroughly analyzed.

Iso 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Much like the business continuity framework template, this template helps users create a thorough, streamlined BCP by detailing the procedure involved in creating and maintaining a plan, as well as implementing one. Use this template to document everything from a business impact analysis to plan development, plan testing, and exercises. Download this template in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or PDF to get started.

Assists Information Systems and other departments with relocation and restoration of data facilities. The most difficult time to maintain good public relations is when there is an accident or emergency. Public relations planning is required so that when an emergency arises, inquiries from normal balance the news media, friends and relatives of staff, faculty, and students can be handled effectively. While we cannot expect to turn a bad situation into a good one, we can assist in making sure facts presented to the public are accurate and as positive as possible given the situation.

Data Backup Can Save Companies Millions

It will also aid the team in gathering information that will be helpful when it comes to developing strategies that can be adopted by the company for its recovery from the crisis. Recovery strategies ensure that critical business processes are restored after an emergency event or major disruption in business.

Recommendations should include overviews of their importance, priority and estimated timelines for their implementation. Severe on-premise disasters will require the business to have contingencies for maintaining continuity with other spaces and physical assets. A complete list of recovery procedures is needed to ensure that personnel know exactly how to resolve issues as quickly as possible. It is the responsibility of the BCP writers to determine what those steps are, based on careful analysis. The first few minutes following an incident are the most critical for initiating an effective response. This initial response can set the stage for how effective the entire recovery is.

Recovery Status Information Number ______has been established as a voice mail information number for posting recovery status and information notices. All reports will be placed by the Continuity Planning Coordinators or the Telecommunication FARM team leader. Provides network support for Administrative and Academic Computing and other distributed services and networks. Communicates with the news media, public, staff, faculty, and student body who are not involved in the recovery operation. As Co-Coordinator of the Business Continuity Management Team, with the Coordinator of the O&S -FARM team, provides liaison between the Institute’s operational and management teams and the FARM teams in affected areas. Also responsible for ongoing maintenance, training and testing of the Institute’s Business Continuity Plan. Coordinates the Institute Support Teams under the auspices of the Business Continuity Management Team.

Then, you’ll conduct a test trial of your BCP — be sure to make a note of any holes or gaps in the plan or execution of the plan itself as you’ll need to come back to these and fix them. You and your business continuity team are on track to completing a concise yet simple business continuity plan template.

This is key to keeping your business-critical operations running whatever the circumstances may be. Associations should also consider the possibility that employees’ personal lives may be disrupted and their ability to contribute may be affected.

Monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time, and easily create an executive summary of the process to share with company stakeholders. Agility Central is the industry’s only way to plan, train, test, alert, and recover from any device at any time. Create executive reports and dashboards to provide visibility and insight into incident management performance and emergency preparedness in real-time. When writing a Business Continuity Plan, accuracy is of high importance, from the personal information of all individuals and entities involved to their roles and responsibilities.

When it comes to disaster recovery strategies, each company will have varying strategies based on geographical locations, the organization’s structure, system, environments, and the severity of the disaster in question. Do not complete your business continuity plan template in isolation, otherwise key pieces of information will be missing and staff will not understand how to implement the plan.

Vendor Risk Monitoring Gain insights into vendor cyber, business & financial risks. 1/3 of businesses have a more positive view of video conferencing now than they did six months ago? If you’re not already using video conferencing, it’s time to reconsider. We hope this information will help you prepare for you business continuity checklist. For example, is there a backup location where emergency personnel can continue to carry out operations?

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