TIG Arch Controls Cross Reference Instructions. This TIG base regulation cross reference guidebook will help you determine which feet pedal may be used with all your welder

TIG Arch Controls Cross Reference Instructions. This TIG base regulation cross reference guidebook will help you determine which feet pedal may be used with all your welder

C810-1425 TIG leg extremity for Miller RFCS-14 (043554) with 14-Pin connect

. to find out which controls will continue to work with all your welder, look at the number of hooks in your welder’s remote container (and also the form of the connector) to be certain it suits among the plugs below. You could also confirm to make sure the arch pedal’s model multitude in your user’s guide matches a model amounts below.

Problems? Give us a call at 1-440-205-1600 or give an email. We could support finding the TIG welding walk extremity that you require.

It is possible to check out the TIG Welding base Pedals website to ordering.

Your Miller 330 Aircrafter, SyncroWave 300, SyncroWave 500: Double check the volume of pins into the welder’s isolated receptacle for those welders, as they might use either the 14-pin your 5-pin plug under.

Hobart: TigMate, Cybertig 180, Cybertig 250, Cybertig 350

Powcon: 300 TSE only, which has a metal relationship with a pink plastic core. Other PowCon begin to see the C880-1425 below.

Thermadyne / Thermal Arc 10-2007 and 10-2008 (such as Thermal Arc 400 GTSW because welders with the 14-pin plug which can be viewed)

Hobart®: Hobart 150 STi

Notice: This style is actually the common metal full-sized system with million-cycle rating, including our very own standard industrial-quality potentiometer, metal situation, and full-sized ft program, not just the light-duty elements employed Miller® because of their Diversion arch control. View pic assessment: hit to watch graphics.

CigWeld: W4015800 for its Weldskill 200 AC/DC. Firepower: 1442-0025.

ESAB revolt Program (revolt EMP 205ic AC/DC, EMP 215ic, EMP 235ic, and EMP 285ic TIG welders) and MINIARC ROGUE sera 180I. Changes base pedal p/n W4014450.

L-TEC / Linde: Heliarc 250 HF.

Check out the connect arrangement of your respective welder. It has to accommodate the image shown to the put because of this toes extremity to use the welder.

Sizes that use high-power rheostats or posses other problems that are not appropriate for the SSC design and style.

Miller® and Hobart® happen to be subscribed trademarks associated with the Miller Electrical Mfg Co. ESAB® are a registered marker of the ESAB Crowd, Inc. Thermal Arc® is actually a registered marker with the Thermadyne Holdings firm.

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