The Pros And Cons Of Open Source Software Development

Many governmental institutions worldwide make their choice in favor of open source solutions. Vibrant examples are Drupal and WordPress content management systems , on which more and more public organizations build their websites. Multiple web-based office applications tend to be open source, e.g. Due to the source code accessibility they can easily study it to learn good programming practices and solutions. They also have an opportunity to share their work with other learners and professionals, inviting them for comment or advice. Moreover, nowadays programmers, whether experienced developers or students, use software developer’s kits , frameworks and libraries, which are open source, to build their software much faster. Open source software is popular not only among individuals, but businesses especially.

Which is open source operating system?

At the heart of most open-source operating systems today is the Linux kernel. Linux provides the core of these operating systems, the kernel that interacts with a computer’s hardware, and was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

In other words, fear of having wasted their money compels them to continue using products which may not fully meet their interests. Some of this also applies to open source software to be sure, but without the financial commitment involved switching can be easier and less impactful in those scenarios.

Outsourcing Open Source Software Development Services To O2i

Economic benefits, endless innovations, newfound freedom, and hundreds of more advantages! Plus, the flexibility of a framework that can be fully controlled and modified to your exact needs. While the source code itself is freely available, the enterprise can benefit from a vendor’s 24/7 worldwide support, training and customization capabilities that cannot be easily replicated in-house.

Is Open Source Good?

Security. By its very nature, open source enables anyone to look for and fix security flaws. And since its peer-reviewed, it opens the software up to a large base of inspectors who can quickly detect issues. In fact, many open source solutions are much more secure than proprietary Internet Information servers.

The most popular reason why open source software is the way to go is that it generally costs significantly less than its more traditional counterparts. A non-profit organization can often cut technology costs in half or more by choosing an open source software benefits of open source over proprietary software options that require lots of custom design work. Investing in proprietary software creates a repetitive model whereby oftentimes companies continue their investments in products based on the money they’ve already spent.

The Enterprisers Project

Expensive consultant teams are necessary for integration and extensions. With Open Source Software, the source code of the software is fully accessible. This allows a high degree of flexibility for individual adaptations. These maintainers verify incoming contributions, support security updates, and ensure the quality of the solutions. Some maintainers offer specialized support services for a fee, but none of this is needed to use the software they maintain. The ever-changing business environment means that certain software solutions might not fill the desired void, or the need for them may change overtime. Businesses often have to trial a number of different solutions in order to find the one that matches their requirements.

benefits of open source

OSS doesn’t lock users in like proprietary software, therefore providing them with the freedom needed to find the right solution. Freedom from vendor lock-in also gives businesses more control and ownership over their software, allowing them to customize and apply it however they see fit. One of the benefits of commercial software for businesses is that it comes with a well-documented guarantee that you have support behind it.

Data Policy Is Fundamental For Trust

The back-end code of proprietary software is kept secret from the public, and anyone attempting to re-engineer or copy the code is subject to legal action by the software’s owner. For example, for the new Camry, 70 percent of the operating platform will be generic code, according to a Reuters story. Additionally, companies can deploy Linux applications on cloud-based Microsoft Azure, blurring the lines between proprietary software products and open source. It’s no wonder that many of today’s business and government organizations rely on open source software, such as Linux, as a low-cost alternative that can be customized to suit particular needs pretty quickly. In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of software acquired over the next several years will be open source. And we’re not only talking about operating systems and productivity tools, but also about smart software application tools like machine learning. For example, CVS, a code-management and version-control system, is so widely used that even commercial development tools now include support for it.

« We’ve found it’s an incredibly powerful version-control system, and it scales very well, » says Alberg. But more and more, open-source tools are also fulfilling the CIO’s needs? especially as the tools become more competitive with commercial alternatives. However, there is no evidence that open source software is going to oust proprietary developments; they would rather co-exist propelling each other. There are industries where commercial software plays a leading role, for instance, banking, industrial design or video processing. Another strong part of it is its bearing much higher legal liability for damages incurred due to its failure to perform as promised. A great many of individuals and businesses follow the open source way gathering growing support on the global level.

Is Open Source Good For Business?

The open source development is extremely collaborative inviting and encouraging everyone interested to participate and contribute. You should use open source software benefits of open source for application development because it is more secure. The community promptly finds and reports security flaws which the software owner usually fixes right away.

benefits of open source

It is easier to find competitive external support, although the depth of application integration and support may vary widely. The use of proprietary software binds companies to the manufacturer in the long term. Vendor lock-in makes changing to alternative offers more difficult due to high exchange costs and high cost for integration, adaptation, and further development. Proprietary software are commercial developments; the source code is only accessible to the vendor.


It is ideal for startups sparing them a good chunk of expenses, which can be invested into their mission-critical activity. The free to use software can be anything ranging from a platform, an operating system to desktop or web applications providing emerging businesses with a prompt start. The cost of using proprietary software on hundreds or thousands of computers can be crucial for a budget of even a well-established enterprise. Besides the open and closed source codes and related license implications, the major difference between the open source and commercial software lies in the way it is created.

In fact, the open-source code now powers about 90% of the internet and is being rapidly adopted across major enterprises for this reason. Open source software can do more than proprietary software, its code can be changed, enterprises can add additional functionalities whenever needed. Wherein for a proprietary software their adaptability is very rigid and additional functionalities can only be added after negotiating terms and hire a Web Developer paying fees to its proprietors. Firstly, with open source software one is dependent on the community built around the open source software for support. Certain open source suppliers do have a good network support, but they charge for this support. For example, if you are using an open source software with a large user community of developers and the end user has highly qualified developers, support should not be an issue.

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