HIV-positive guys can use ‘POZ people’ to lessen likelihood of spread of HIV, but different health problems are included

HIV-positive guys can use ‘POZ people’ to lessen likelihood of spread of HIV, but different health problems are included

Sex events in which HIV-positive gay boys see for non-safe sex could help reduce the scatter of HIV, but could entail a danger of sexually sent infections and superinfection with resilient stress of HIV, based on a pilot study done in New York and printed during the October release of Sexually Transmitted problems.

Even though the learn is actually delivered in measured code, and it is cautious to highlight both the potentially negative and positive fitness ramifications of intercourse people including HIV-positive homosexual boys, or a€?POZ partiesa€? since the writers call them, a media production through the publishers in the journal made use of so much more sensational words and generated alarmist headlines eg a€?POZ parties distribute awesome tension of HIVa€? during the preferred click.

Happenings eg POZ events may represent an effort by HIV-positive gay men to choose intimate associates of the identical HIV reputation, so-called a€?serosortinga€?. Although there has become substantial investigation to the sexual behaviour of gay boys recently, very little is well known about gay intercourse events. Consequently scientists set out to describe the qualities of males exactly who go to POZ functions, their unique known reasons for this, the sorts of gender they engaged in at these parties, their unique drug need at these happenings in addition to their intimate conduct beyond functions which included more HIV-positive people.



Choosing intimate lovers of the identical HIV reputation, or restricting condomless sex to lovers of the same HIV condition. As a danger reduction plan, the disadvantage for HIV-negative men and women is because they could only be certain of these HIV updates whenever they past got a test, whereas HIV-positive men tends to be self-confident they are aware her standing

pilot study

Minor, preliminary study, done to gauge feasibility, time, price, bad events, and develop upon the appearance of another full-scale scientific study.


Whenever a person currently contaminated with HIV are exposed to yet another tension of HIV and gets contaminated with-it as well as their own existing trojan.


A variant characterised by a certain genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, tend to be recreational medication sniffed during sex to both heighten the experience and flake out anal sphincter muscles.

Investigators interviewed a maximum of 115 boys at ten POZ party events in New York into the last half of 2003. The majority of men happened to be white (70%) and 97percent mentioned that they had sex solely with other men. The median duration of HIV problems got ten years, although this varied between two months and two decades. Antiretroviral therapies had been used by 69per cent of males and the normal age got 42 decades. A sexually transmitted problems in in advance of attending the sex celebration was reported by a third of males.

Over a 3rd of males asserted that their own biggest reason for attending a POZ party was either a€?dona€™t need to bother about disclosing my HIV statusa€? (35per cent) or a€?like having uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35%). Also, 15% of men reported a€?dona€™t need to bother about infecting othersa€? since their biggest basis for attending the event.

a past sex celebration concerning HIV-positive people were attended by 75per cent of men, nearly all of whom said that they attended her earliest such show between 2000-03, indicating that this type of activities got achieved in appeal in recent years. Boys reported going to happenings in a great many north American metropolises plus in European countries.

The majority of the people (88per cent) mentioned that they had oral gender with a minumum of one people at a POZ celebration, with 60percent stating that that they had unprotected receptive anal intercourse (with well over 75% of these people obtaining climax) and 72percent stating that they’d have exposed insertive anal sex at these a meeting (with 69percent of the people stating that they ejaculated within spouse).

There clearly was small evidence of medication utilize guyspy kvГ­zy at POZ party occasions. Despite recent worry in the usa about methamphetamine and erection dysfunction medicines fuelling sexual chances getting, the detectives unearthed that only 11per cent of men reported using any amphetamine and only 1% of men asserted that they utilized Viagra before or during the party. In addition to that, the investigators seen little evidence of medicine utilize except that poppers.

The investigators suck numerous inferences using their study. First of all, the parties they examined are an attempt at a€?serosortinga€?. Subsequently, medicine need is certainly not a dominating element of the occasions; and, thirdly, intercourse events including HIV-positive homosexual males might provide an as however unrealised opportunity for wellness advertising.

a€?POZ functions have the potential to donate to reductions into the scatter of HIV illness through self-selection of HIV-positive intimate partnersa€?, conclude the investigators. However, the benefits of these a€?serosortinga€? could be compromised from the spread of sexually sent bacterial infections and the a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among HIV-positive people at POZ events in addition to their HIV-negative gender associates various other venues.a€?

Clatts MC et al. a surfacing HIV issues ecosystem: an initial epidemiological visibility of an MSM POZ celebration in New York City. Intercourse Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.

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